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About Me

Welcome to The Exhausted Mom, a place where I share my rants and raves of motherhood, life, and the many ways that I stay sane!

My name is Alexis and I am exhausted!  I'm a South Florida resident, a wife and a mother of two handsome and VERY active boys.  My husband travels a lot for work…sometimes for a month straight.  Every day is filled with work, school, sports, guitar lessons, and other varied activities that I run between.  Oh, and did I mention that I’m a first grade teacher?  Are you exhausted yet? 

This blog is my way to “let it all out” and share with others the way I manage to “do it.”  I will share checklists (my favorite thing), routines, and ideas.  I also feature many South Florida Finds a place where I can showcase local businesses and vacations.  Oh yeah, and the best way to stay sane…"Thirsty Thursday!”  My weekly meme featuring cocktails to help relax.  

I welcome the opportunity to experience new brands, travel destinations and more (anything to help stay sane!).  I look forward to being influential for you across my vast social network.

Thanks for stopping by The Exhausted Mom!  I look forward to your stories and ideas to stay sane in this chaotic world.

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