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July 17, 2011

Damn technology!

UGH! I have been without an Internet connection for two whole days...two whole days! I feel as if I have been disconnected from the world. I mean I do live in a largely populated, rather well-known city (Miami), I do still have my cell phone with 3G connection, my car, and a TV. Yet somehow I feel as if I'm stuck in Amish country! Why is this? Why am I so obsessed with my computer?

It's like all of a sudden, since I don't have access to the web, there are all these REALLY important jobs I need to do and they all revolve around the Internet! How will I shop for school supplies if I can't download the school lists? How can I research my new car if I can't go to the site? How can I pay my bills since I do it all on...you guessed it...the Internet?

You would think that I grew up with all this glorious technology. I only received my first email account in college. I never had a cell phone until after I got my first job. So what did I do before technology? It seems like such a distant life!

I guess I will just have to go clean the house and play with my kids...
Nah...I still have my phone!

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  1. I can't even imagine. I would probably pass out. Just the thought makes me anxious!


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