"" The Exhausted Mom: Really? Really?

August 13, 2011

Really? Really?

So I went to the Dunkin' Donuts Back to School event this week.  It was my first blogging event ever...I was so excited.

I already gave you a run-down on all of the fantastic treats that we got, but I didn't mention the real "treat" that everyone else got...

A glimpse into why I'm so exhausted....

Before leaving the house:

Me: "Boys, we're going to Dunkin' Donuts."
Boys:  "Yay!"
Me:  "We're going because Mommy needs to meet with some people that work on the computer."
6 year old:  "You're going to make new friends?"
Me:  "Yes.  But you have to promise me that you will be good.  If you promise, then I will get you donuts."
Boys:  "We promise!"

Little did I know, I should have looked for crossed fingers....

All went well when the first testers of donuts and Coolattas went around.  Then I started talking to the other bloggers and all went down hill!

I have no idea what happened, I just know that I look up and my 6 year old is hitting his brother!  The little one is crying and I step in and pull my oldest to the bathroom (as he screams that I am hurting him) only to find it locked.  So I pulled him to a corner to talk with him.  He then walked back over and put his head down.  All the while my more dramatic 4 year old was wailing about how he hurts.


I guess I should buy stock in Calgon so it can take me FAR away!!



  1. Are you sure you didn't write this about me? haha, seriously - it's so NOT just you! I feel your embarrassment - but honestly it happens to most of us! Siblings are siblings & they FIGHT! I have 2 girls and they are at it almost all day - exhausting!!!

  2. HAAAAA-Larious!! Ahhhh the joys of having boys...I would not know. Three girl munchkins here! Check out Life as I Know it: Crazy Kids and All at http://elizabethhill-liz.blogspot.com/

  3. lol, sounds like around here...my kiddos fight like cats and dogs about anything and everything imaginable.

    I'm your newest follower from the sunday hop too. Have a great weekend.


  4. Siblings fight. Period. Don't worry about it! :)
    Thank you for joining the Silly Sunday Hop. I am following you back!

  5. I'm sure once my 2 month old gets older I'll be in the same boat. But don't worry about it all mom's must feel this way at some time.

    Thanks for joining in on the Silly Sunday Hop. I'm following you back.


  6. As the mom of 4 boys (and 2 girls) ages 6 to 20, it really just never stops. Even my 20 year old and my 17 year old still want to beat on each other. Thankfully, generally not in public lol!!!

    I wish for Calgon to take me away on a daily basis. So far, no luck!

    Following you now from the Wild Weekend Blog Hop =)

    Spilled Milkshake

  7. So funny but I feel for you! I only have 1 son & I have my moments with him as well. Congrats on your 1st blogging event!
    Newest fan from the blog hop. Hope you get to stop by!


  8. I'm learning from this internet world that I'm not alone at all...glad to know...helps me to keep on truckin!


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