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August 15, 2011

Staying Sane with Housework

I am a LOVER of lists!  I have lists for everything.  I get great satisfaction in crossing off items on my lists.  Then I have a mental problem...I re-write the list so it's neat again.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not obsessive when it comes to the neatness of my house (after all, I have 2 boys and a husband), but for certain things I feel I possess traits for OCD.

With a husband that travels for months at a time, a full time teaching job, and two young boys with MANY activities, cleaning my house is not my highest priority.  I would love to hire someone to do it, and I have in the past, but I find they don't do it my way...and that bothers me.  So in order to stay sane with my crazy weekday life and not have to devote one of my weekend days to just cleaning, I have created a list to keep me on track.

I have devoted certain chores to each day of the week in order to keep my house clean (completely different from orderly!). 

Click on this to see my chart:MY WEEKLY CHORES

Oh, by the way, I'm a little obsessed with cute fonts and color....maybe I am a little OCD!

I start my chores for the day when the kids are already in bed so they don't go behind me and make things dirty again.  When I'm done, I get my reward....dessert and a guilty pleasure TV show like Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries (yes, I'm a teenager trapped in an adult body!).

Here are some other ideas from moms that I really like:
What are some of your cleaning routines?



  1. Well, last week, I had "ignore the house week". LOL So, this week will be "catch up and get ahead week". I figure once the kids are in school it will be easier for me and then I'll try to get on a real schedule. Love you idea of having a "reward" for yourself!

  2. I have someone that comes every 2 weeks. She does not do a perfect job but at least I don't have to clean toilets!


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