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August 23, 2011

Why Is This Mommy Stuff So Hard?

I am a teacher of 6 year olds.  I deal with their varied behavior issues on a daily basis.  Parents come to me searching for advice on how to deal with their kids at home.  

I am a Mom of a 6 year old and I have NO IDEA how to deal with his behavior!!

Why is it so easy with someone else's child?  

Maybe I'm a sham.  Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.  How can I even think to give advice to parents when I can't even deal with my own kid?

My 6 year old is currently in a phase (or at least I HOPE it's just a phase).  He is moody, bossy, snippy, combative, a know-it-all, grumpy, whiny, and any other dwarf that you can think of!   

I've tried everything in my arsenal when dealing with his behavior:  taking away his DS, taking away his Wii, not allowing him to go to parties with his friends, and even an occasional pop on the behind.  He laughs at me when I try and reason with him, and he's overly dramatic if I yell.  I'm at my wit's end!

My husband is currently gone for 2 months and when I try and talk with him about it, he asks if I want him to talk with my out of control kiddo.  He's my last resort.  If I give in and let the big guy do the yelling, it's almost as if I'm not the one in charge....and we all know THAT'S not true!

We are now on to the way that I advise parents to deal.  The sticker chart.  This form of behavior management worked when I wanted to reason with him to sleep alone.  So we're trying it now.  

What else can I do to draw the demon out of my sweet little boy?
An exorcism?  



  1. Oh I feel your pain with my near 5 year old!
    Try positive instead. stickers, cookies...whatever makes him smile for small components of good behavior and then increase as he gets it.

    I have all my faith in you that you'll manage just fine! You're a great, exhausted mom!

  2. I am sure it is just a phase! But in the mean time, try equalizing (in his eyes) the power. Give him choices in everything - "this shirt or this shirt, this meal or this meal etc" and make the punishment - crime appropriate. Not eating dinner means no dessert, not cleaning up the toys means the toys are taken away for X days. Hope that helps and good luck!


  3. It's so easy to tell our parents in the classroom what they should do and so difficult when the little beast lives in our house. The sticker chart worked great for us during that phase with my son. Here's hoping he snaps out of it soon!


  4. Just like in the classroom I bought a treasure chest for the house. He chose the little toys that went in there. Waited for the UPS guy and set it up in his room. Everytime he was doing something great I would send him. A lot at first and then let it dwindle. Worked for us!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I've also heard a piggy bank deal too...like he get's a dime or a nickel for good things...then he can watch the money grow and I will take him to the Dollar Store for a treat.


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