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September 29, 2011

The Curse

I was woken up at 2:00 am to my sons' bathroom light on.  Thinking it was one of them going to the bathroom, I turned over again.  But the light didn't turn off and I didn't hear sounds.  When I called out for someone to turn off the light, Little Ricky yelled back, "I'm cleaning up the blood!"

After jumping out of bed in a half second and running to the bathroom, what I witnessed was heart stopping.  It looked like a crime scene!  There was blood all over the white tile of the bathroom and toilet.  In the middle of it all was "Little Ricky" on his hands and knees rubbing the floor with a bathroom wipe.  

He had a nose bleed.  

I had passed this common affliction on to my son.  I have had this all my life.  Although it doesn't hurt, it is REALLY ANNOYING!  People who don't know tend to panic.  You could be hit softly on the nose or be standing still and your nose starts.  It is rather scary, but luckily Little Ricky remains calm.

Here are some tips if you are faced with a nose bleed:

1)  DON'T PANIC!  If you panic or cry, chances are the blood will flow more.

2)  Contrary to popular belief, do not tilt your head back.  This can cause blood to go to the back of the throat causing nausea, vomitting or diarreah.  

3)  Stay upright.  Keeping the head above the heart will minimize bleeding.

4)  Pinch the soft part of your nose just below the bridge (the bony part). Use the thumb and index finger to squeeze it (not too hard) for at least 5 minutes. If your nose continues to bleed, squeeze again for at least 10 minutes.  As you're doing this, breathe through your mouth.

5)  Put a cold ice pack on the back of the neck or the forehead.

6)  As soon as the bleeding starts to slow, put a rolled piece of tissue in your nose to block the passage.

After the bleeding has stopped:
  • Do not clean the inside of the nose.  This may dislodge a clot and the bleeding will start again.
  • Do not do anything to make the bleeding occur again.  (eg.  picking your nose, rubbing your nose, blowing your nose, bending over)
  • Use a cool vaporizer.  Nose bleeds tend to occur due to dry conditions.
Please note that the loss of blood is both a scary and serious matter.  If you lose a large amount of blood (not usually common with nose bleeds), please seek medical attention.



  1. I'm so sorry that you woke up to this! I always got nose bleeds as a kid and both of ours get them frequently. Great advice that I'll be passing along!

  2. @Tech Savvy Mama I'm sorry I woke up to it too. He's a great little guy though...he handles it well. They are becoming more frequent lately though. Poor guy.

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  4. aw my poor lil ricky! least he handles it well and cleans it up himself! :-P

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