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September 18, 2011

The Power of Friends

Never underestimate the power of friendship.  

Just when things are at their worst or best, a true friend is always there.  

Eh, forget all the cliches...

I had some much needed friend time this weekend.  I always feel more relaxed when I get girl time.  Just a simple dinner and movie.  Or even a cup of coffee or walk around the park.  

I have family who I consider my friends, I have my work friends, and I have my friends who I don't have to talk to everyday, but know that they are still there for me.  I have friends who I talk about TV shows with, friends who I can laugh with, and friends who I can tell anything to.  

I often feel guilty getting my time in.  Guilty that I won't get everything done, guilty that my husband is only in town for a week, just....guilty.  My husband doesn't think twice to get his friend time in, so why should I?

Moms need friend time just as much as dads....scratch that....they need it MORE!  We need to be with our friends and NOT talk about our kids or chores!  We need to giggle and discuss.  We need to be women!

Get out there and get your friend time in!! 



  1. Amen sister! Friends are so important and this post makes me miss you even more!

  2. @Tech Savvy Mama I know...I miss you more!! I miss my processing with you guys...


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