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October 21, 2011

Lumpy, Bumpy and Dumpy

No, they aren't the missing brothers of the Seven Dwarfs....they are the three adjectives that I currently use to describe myself.

Since the school year started, so did baseball, tennis, and guitar.  Not to mention that since I'm a teacher, so did the grading of papers, lesson plans, and report cards.  I'm just too exhausted to do one more thing in my day!

What does all of this equal?  No time for me to work out.

I was doing so well this summer while I was pretending to be a stay-at-home-mom.  I was able to work out in the mornings and since it was summer, I ate lighter because of the heat. 

I have to get back to that....I have to get back into my routine....

My first goal is to drink nothing but water.  Ok, water and my morning coffee.  Ok, water, my morning coffee, and a soda at a restaurant.  

I don't even have strong enough will power just sitting and writing about it. 

I need a cookie.



  1. it happens to the best of us. i tried the 20 min work outs and they are actually pretty damn good. short amount of time and you can do it right after work while the kids are doing homework. check onDemand :-)

  2. I was addicted to my TurboJam over the summer, I couldn't even get through 10 minutes of it last week. I'm glad I'm not alone!


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