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January 30, 2012

To Travel or Not To Travel? That is The Question.

I love traveling.  Although I hate to fly, I love going to new places.  I love the feeling of being away from my normal routine.

Unfortunately, traveling with a family of four is rather pricey.   Even with deals, we can't find tickets for under $1,000!  Ridiculous!

We don't fly often.  As a matter of fact, we only flew as a family for the first time last summer.  But we want to get away to other places rather than Disney World (which is only 4 hours away from us).  

Little Ricky has been asking to see snow.  He wants to feel it, play in it, and go sledding.  We have family in Boston.  So what better way to travel than to a place where we know someone?   I keep trying to convince my husband that we should go for a few days during Spring Break.  He feels guilty spending the money.  

I tutor on the side.  I feel like this is "fun" money.  I don't put it into our account and we don't rely on it to survive.  Why can't we use it to fly to Boston?  

How do I convince my husband that this is a good idea?  What would you do? 


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  1. id check those flights-they have gone waaaaaay way up! hope you saved a lot of $$$!!! been trying to find a decent flight up that way for the past few weeks.....wah.


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