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March 26, 2012

Cooking FAIL!

So I've been trying to be more adventurous with my cooking lately.  Checking out recipes online and working to introduce new foods into our meals.  

I LOVE Skinny Taste and through the "almighty" Pinterest, I've found The Naked Kitchen.  Both sites offering delicious looking meals that are good for you.  Right up my alley!

So tonight I decided to try Skinny Taste's Baked Garlic Lemon Tilapia paired with The Naked Kitchen's Zucchini Chips.  Got your mouth watering?  Mine too!

Everything was going well in the kitchen until I had to turn the zucchini chips.  The breading began falling off.  Oops, I should have sprayed non-stick cooking spray.  Now they are naked zucchini chips.  

Then I was following
all of the directions for the Tilapia, but made one fatal mistake.  I put the garlic in with the butter like I was supposed to, but then immediately added the lemon juice.  Did you know that garlic turns blue when you add lemon to it?  I DIDN'T!  


So now I have a meal of blue speckled tilapia and naked flimsy zucchini chips.  Oh well....it still tasted good.

So sorry, Sarah, Kristy, and Gina....I guess I won't be making meals for recipe books any time soon!

What is your biggest cooking FAIL?



  1. Hey at least you cooked! One time I cooked chicken with red wine. It turned my chicken purple!

  2. I agree, all cooking efforts are valiant. One time, in college, I tried to defrost frozen ground turkey in cold water, pursuant to my mother's instructions. Unfortunately, I didn't realize you were supposed to LEAVE the turkey IN the package, and came home from class to cold raw turkey soup. Ew. Ordered pizza.

  3. its cool...everyone has a cooking fail once and a while...had my cooking fail of the month the other day! threw it all away bc it tasted like crap! word to the wise...do not ever make peanut crusted chicken. ever.


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