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May 29, 2012

Make Ugly Cords Vanish

Ok, we all have it.  Ugly cord syndrome.  You know, that ball of ghastly wires that lurks beneath desks and cabinets.  UGH!  They annoy me!!

I'm not proud of this mess...it really is unruly.

A cure all way to get rid of the mess would be to minimize the amount of electronics, but THAT'S not going to happen!!  So the next best thing is to visit CableOrganizer.com to find organizational tools.  

I got a BlueLounge CableBox Mini.  And like the brand says, "out of sight, out of mind!"

CableBox Mini comes with a 4-socket surge protector.  It has cable outlets on either side, making it ideal for hiding the cords, adapters, and small power strips and keeping them tidy and dust free.  

Check out how sleek it looks under my desk now! Nice and neat!!  And in my sea of boys in this house, how can I resist the pink?! 

PINK...how cute!

CableOrganizer.com also has other cool ways to control the many cables around your house.  They carry many well known brands such as 3M, Belkin, and BlueLounge.  And it's easy to shop by industry too.  From office to automotive, CableOrganizer.com makes it easy to shop for all of your electronic organizational needs.

My kids just love the animal utility clips.  We have Prince the Frog holding the light switch cable on our turtle, Phineas', tank.

Prince the Frog hanging with Phineas the turtle...BFFs!

Visit CableOrganizer.com when you are looking for a solution to your electronic cable messes!

**Disclaimer:  CableOrganizer.com provided my family with a CableBox Mini, as well as a handful of animal utility clips.  As always, all opinions are my own.


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  1. I sure could use one or two of these boxes. I hate how messy the cords always get. Thanks for sharing.


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