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May 1, 2012

South Florida Finds ~ South Beach Furs

When most people think of South Beach, they think of sand, sun, and well, beach.  

But what about furs?

South Beach Furs is a premier source for today's new choice in furs.

Now, before PETA gets all over this, the "fur" used in these absolutely gorgeous wraps and coats, are made completely from marabou feathers.  You heard me, FEATHERS.  

These parts of the feather are the soft, downy part of a chicken or turkey feather.  So while you're enjoying a yummy chicken dinner, the feathers are being used for fashion!

Designer Angelique Terrelonge

Designer Angelique Terrelonge offers this one of a kind collection that compliments any ensemble from wedding, formal to casual.  

These hot faux fur fashions are available in a wide range of colors...even ANIMAL PRINT!  Not to mention, they look and feel just like real fur...minus the heavy weight of a fur coat.  Perfect for South Beach!

I covet this vest!!

The next time you want to compliment your look with fur, and don't want to upset your conscience, wallet, or PETA, check out South Beach Furs!



  1. wonder if they'd keep me warm up here in the colder weather? Love the vest!

  2. That's too cool. But seriously, I couldn't imagine wearing even fake fur down here. Today was so hot and humid... I just wanted to jump in the pool. :)


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