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May 31, 2012

Thirsty Thursday ~ Martha Stewart Cocktails App

The "Queen Bee" of all things crafty and entertaining has an AMAZING app...The Martha Stewart Cocktails App!!  (I'm not sure why I'm so surprised!)

Mix, stir, blend, and muddle with this refreshing, perfectly portable, and beautifully designed guide to Martha’s favorite cocktails.  

The app comes with 3 recipe packs: Martha’s Classics, Cutting-Edge Cocktails, and alcohol-free Mocktails. Within the app you can choose to purchase additional recipe packs—Summer Coolers, Holiday Recipes, and Regional Favorites—to build your own Martha mixology library.

The app has inventive ZipList technology that allows you to create personalized shopping lists.  It also has search functionality, how-to videos and photos, a unit converter, Facebook and email sharing options, space to add your own notes, barware recommendations, plus a place to collect your favorites.


The Classic Cocktails bundle (only $0.99 on iTunes) includes recipes for 20 cocktails and 5 bar snacks, with options to buy additional themed packages including regional favorites, cutting-edge drinks, summer coolers, and mocktails

This App for iPhone and iPad is sooo cool!!  It's a one stop place for all things cocktail...even the snacks.  It's perfect for your next get together.  I'm really excited to try the Frozen Bloody Mary paired with the Roasted Spiced Chickpeas.  Yummy for a day by the pool!

Read more at Marthastewart.com: Martha Stewart Cocktails App for iPad and iPhone

(And by the way, I was not paid or given anything for this....I truly LOVE Martha Stewart and everything she does!!)



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