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June 14, 2012

No Doggies In This Window

As I have mentioned, I have been staying at The Manor (aka my aunt's house) taking care of my mom.  
Not only have I been taking care of her and my boys, but I have been taking care of Gepetto, their Maltese.  

Each day, Gepetto makes the case against me EVER getting a dog!!  They are just one more thing to take care of....

Gepetto.  Not even this face makes me want a dog.

He is a really good dog, he lets you know that he has to go out by ringing a bell attached to the door.  He sleeps most of the day.   And he listens and comes when you call him (most of the time).  

He's all those good things, but MAN ALIVE he is a lot of work!  

He wakes you up at 6 am to let him out.  Then he wakes you up again at 8 am to feed him and let him out again.  And I have to clean up his poop.  It's like having a newborn

When it nears dinner time, he continually pulls at his dish and nips at your feet until you feed him.  UGH.  And when you are eating, he begs.  I hate beggers.  

Did I mention that dogs bark at imaginary things?  And at nighttime this is really scary!

The only thing I would want a dog for is to lick my floor clean when the boys drop crumbs (which is all the time)!

Do you have a dog?  What do you like most about dogs?  What do you like least?



  1. mister is the best...i mean, what other dog do you know rings a bell hanging on a door to tell you he needs to go outside and pee???? :-)

    1. Yeah, that's great until he rings the bell for no darn reason!! And I keep stopping what I'm doing and he just lays down.....

  2. If you feel this passionately about not having a dog, it is probably better that you don't. ;) Some people don't like pets and that is o.k.

    Like children, it is all about conditioning with dogs. I am not trying to compare a human to a dog by any means but the concepts are replicable. If you do not discipline your kid when they act out, they become brats and the same concept applies to pups.

    Typically, smaller dogs require feedings and bathroom breaks more often while larger dogs who will hold their duties longer and eat once a day. Also, if the dog has never been reprimanded for begging during dinner, then he doesn't know he is doing something wrong.

    My 55+ pound lab mix lives indoors with me, sleeps when I sleep, and only goes out do do her business when I am getting ready for work, when I arrive from work, and when we take our one-mile walk every evening. She never begs at the table because she knows better and rarely barks unless the UPS man knocks on my door like he is trying to break in.

    Dogs are amazing companions when trained correctly and if they're raised with children, the kids can participate in caring for the animal and sharing responsibilities in the animal's care. My pup shows me unconditional love, greets me energetically when I get home (even after a 15 min pharmacy trip) and best of all - she never talks back.

  3. We have two dogs, down-sized from three and I have to say I prefer our big German Shepard mix to the little yipping Yorkie( thanks MIL, now I know you really don't like me ;) )... there are days I wish I didn't have to deal with them and their messes on top of the kids'. But when we are out walking and enjoying a quiet stroll it's great. I grew up with dogs my whole life and couldn't imagine not having one. The big one is also a wonderful alarm system!

  4. Aww.. I miss Mister!


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