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June 24, 2012

What to Do With Leftover Party Supplies

So, as you know, I cleaned out  the hall closet in my house during Operation Organization.  During my purging, I decided to make a "Party" box with all things needed for birthdays and other festivities.  Things like number candles, birthday banners, noise makers, and colored paper goods.  But then I found that I had leftover party supplies from the themed birthdays that we've had.  You know, Batman, Superman, Toy Story, etc.  

Now that the boys are older and I have gotten wiser.  I don't buy the themed paper products anymore because I'm always stuck with leftovers and I don't know what to do with them.  

That's when I turned to the almighty internet.  When in doubt, search it out!

First off, I asked those of you on Facebook & Twitter.  Here are some of the suggestions that I got:

@workandcats told me "We keep some in the car for when we have impromtu picnics in the park + napkins are useful if I run out of paper towels."  Not to mention having napkins in the car are great for those "accidental" spills that happen all too frequently!

Lindsay Hamer told me: "Napkins, I save for school lunches. I will pack a different one every time I make my kids lunch. (on "yucky" days. They are like fun party reminders.)"  How sweet!!

Abby from Abby & Eva shared: "Paper plates and spoons/forks can be made into masks... Sometimes I just let my kid cut and glue til her heart's content."

Then I researched ways to sell my outdated party goods.  MmmHmm, make money on this junk!!

One way is My Party Is Over.  This website is dedicated to selling party supplies: new, gently used, or even handmade.  You can also buy supplies too!  

Another way to sell those party items is to use the tried & true eBay.  This was suggested by none other than Caroline, Smarty Pants Mama.  She even gave me suggestions on how to find the right price on eBay.

Now I have my work cut out for me...
I think I may keep some for those last minute spills and picnics.  But I will probably sell or donate the rest.  

What do you do with your leftover party supplies?


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  1. I just use them up in the house for everyday. You've got them... might as well use them!


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