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August 21, 2012

Little Love Notes ~ A Back to School Tradition with Hallmark

Back to School season completely crept up on us in this house.  I don't even really feel that I prepared my guys for the transition between summer and school.  So, when the first day came, I wanted to add words of encouragement and love to my boys' day.  I wanted them to know that I was with them through their trek back into routine.  What better to show my love and affection than with cards and notes?  

When I think of cards, the name Hallmark comes to the front of my mind.  I could literally spend hours in my local Hallmark store reading all of the cards and thinking of the people I would like to give them to.  

Hallmark, the leader in the card and stationery business, is challenging parents to celebrate accomplishments and build confidence in kids.  

With a unique array of cards, Story Buddies, Bug 'Em pouches, and recordable artwork and books, your child will always know that you care.  

I love how the cards are simply written and with fun designs to appeal to children of all ages.  (Even "The Nag" was able to read his card on his own!)  I slipped a secret card into the boys' backpacks before school.  I also used Hallmark's Lunch Notes to give them little words of love in their lunchboxes.  There are also reminders to behave while at school and good luck for events at school.

Little reminders for "Little Ricky" on his first day.

Just a quick note for "The Nag" to know he's not alone.

I'm saving the Bug 'Em pouch for times when my guys need a little more affection than usual.  You can stuff it with pocket sized treats.

So, as you prepare your kids for their Back to School routine, why not add a little surprise love to their day with special cards and notes?

What words of encouragement do you use when talking to your child?

**I received samples of Hallmark products to review for this post.  All opinions are my own.**



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