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January 28, 2013

Why Is My Husband Out of Control?

I'm not sure what's going on, but my husband has been out of control lately.  It's not what you think...no crazy things...

It all started when I stayed with my family around the holidays.  My husband was home alone for 3 days.  In those 3 days he did some damage...to our credit card.  

We had this really old t.v. in our room.  I mean a huge tube t.v. that would fade in between black & white and color.  We knew that we would need to get a new t.v. eventually, but apparently eventually was sooner than I thought.  I came home to a flat screen.  He said he got it on a super sale.  Ok.

Then after two days at home, I went back to see my family for 2 days.  So again, he was alone.  This time he bought my birthday present.  An exercise bike for my room.  Before you judge, I did ask for a spinning bike.  But, it was still another big purchase.

It's not over yet.

This time I wasn't away per se...just at work.  I came home to a huge flat screen in my family room.  WTF?  In his defense our family room t.v. did just unexpectedly die, but why doesn't he talk to me first?

Does anyone else have the same problem?  I feel like when I want to make a big purchase like...I don't know, anything...he has to hear the reasons why, how much, where, etc.  But when he wants to make a big purchase, he doesn't need to even tell me!  Double standards?  I think so!

I'm not saying I'm not using all of these big purchases, I just want to at least be in the loop!  



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