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July 29, 2011

Making *cents* of it all!

Everyday when my husband comes home, he empties his pockets on the kitchen counter.  Although this annoys me because it just adds to the all ready cluttered counter, I take the change that he leaves behind and I put it in a bag.  When that bag gets full, the money is transferred to a gallon milk container.

The other day, on a cleaning binge, we started counting just the quarters from a bag in the kitchen...GOLD MINE!  That got us thinking...let's get all of our loose change from all over (the counter, car, bedside table, even bathroom?) and see how much we have.

Then the teacher in me decided that this could be a great learning experience for the boys.  They can help sort, count, and roll the tons of coins that we have.  Not to mention that it's some good child labor!

So we got to work...

Yes, he's wearing a costume!

Here's most of what we rolled....we ran out of sleeves.  Can't wait to know the total amount!

Now I'm going shopping!!!!! Mama needs a new pair of shoes!!!


  1. Stopping by from the Friday Hops to say hello.

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  2. Super idea! Hopping by from the Alexa hop. Followed on GFC.

  3. Alexis, your boys are so cute! I love that you to them involved. Everything we do at our house is a family activity (sometimes even going to the bathroom LOL ahem... I'm only slightly kidding!)
    Anyway, found you via the Alexa Hop. And I'm really glad I did. I'm going to go leave you an Alexa review. :)

  4. We do the exact same thing with my hubsand's change. I find it all OVER the place! I never thought about the lesson part though. That would be great for a homeschool lesson! Just wanted to thank you for stopping by the Alexa hop! Hope to see you link up again next week :)

  5. We collect all our coins too...it ends up everywhere! New follower from the blog hop....would love for you to follow back!


  6. NICE!! I get annoyed when my husband empties his pockets on the counter too. We save up all the loose change in an empty jug and in November we roll and count up everything, we use the money toward a family Christmas gift.

    New follower to your blog from Wednesday blog hop :)


  7. Saving change is the main way we can save =/ We've done it for a long time then when we need it,or want some extra spending money we go change it in =) I have various places I keep it in =)

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  8. That's a great idea. I wonder how much change I could find around here. Problem is my husband does use a lot of it so we probably wouldn't have as much as it looks like you do. I'm curious to know how much you have too!

    I'm a new follower from http://waitingforherwings.blogspot.com. Hope you'll follow back. :)


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