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August 1, 2011

It's that time again....

Here we go again...panic, fear, frustration, and chaos!  No, not giant aliens soaring down from the skies...it's hurricane season!  Yes, we've been in the season since June 1st, but we're never really "IN" it until August and we continue through November. 

Our latest tracks....oh yes, there's one looming!
The meteorologists are all a buzz....showing the many computer models with varied colored lines pointing in all directions.  As the hours pass in a day, the teasers for the news become more intense.  "Tracking the Tropics" in dramatic overtones...I swear they love this!  As the days pass in the looming weather forecasts, the more extreme it becomes.  They discuss the "cone of uncertainty," which I lovingly call the "cone of death," as they create wide spread panic. 

People run around to Home Depot grasping at the last pieces of plywood to barricade their windows, frantically scurry to the grocery store for any non-perishables or water, and create long lines at gas stations to fill their cars and generators.  It's complete havoc! 

When I first moved to Miami, it was unreal!  I left my preparations until it was certain that the storm would hit us.  To my surprise, there was nothing left on the shelves, and the lines at the gas stations were 2 hours long.  NO JOKE!
NO JOKE...this is what it looks like!

Here are a few tips for getting ready for a hurricane warning/watch AHEAD OF TIME to prevent all the chaos (at least in your own home):

1)  Generator - BUY ONE NOW!  They can run anywhere from $400-$2,000 depending on the size.  This is an investment, but well worth it!  We have one that is small, but just big enough to power our refrigerator, stove, the TV and fan in our family room.  (of course the Murphy's Law of hurricanes is that we bought one and haven't had a hurricane yet...so it's been wrapped in the box for 5 years...thank goodness!)

2)  Water - before the season approaches, stock up on gallon waters so they aren't missing from the shelves when the time comes.  You need 1 gallon per person, per day.

3)  Non-perishables (canned foods, boxed foods) - same with the water, buy them throughout the season, especially when on sale for buy one get one.  Be sure to not buy foods that need to be cooked since you may not have electricity.

4)  Battery operated radio or TV - this will help when wanting to connect with the real world after the storm hits.

5)  Flashlights - don't think I need to explain this....

6)  First-aid kit - be sure it's fully stocked...you never know what could happen.

7)  Cash! - when a storm hits, 95% of the time, the power goes out...so does the credit card machines...and you never know how long they will be down.

8)  Batteries - all sizes....for all of the many battery operated items that you need.

9)  Medicines - especially if anyone has prescription medicines that they need to take.

10)  Trash bags - just because.

Well, I hope that it's an inactive hurricane season for all! 
If not, get ready now....



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  2. Alexis, I am a big fan of preparedness (just look at my blog) and really appreciate your post. One thing that I would suggest, though, is to make sure that the generator works by running it for a while every few months. They take some upkeep, just like a car engine, and the fuel can "go bad" if left sitting too long.

    You might like to ready my post "Sleep when the wind blows" since it ties into your post.

    My best regards!
    Geordon ~ Hurricanedad411

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    I grew up in deep south Texas by South Padre Island. Hurricanes were a regular threath every year. As it kid it was fun but as an adult I worried about my kids, the house, my family.

    Yoli :)
    Apron Senorita

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