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August 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

What happens when you turn your back to workout from home!

This is my friend's 2 year old daughter...guess she was feeling a little dry!

And by the way, my friend just turned around and kept working out!! 


  1. Meh, she's safe (but soft)! ;) Super cute. My son tried this with Beaudrouxs Butt Paste the other day. A 15-month old unscrewed the cap. How that's possible...I have no idea.

  2. Haha She smells good and nice and soft to boot! =)

    I hopped over from the make Your Rank Lower Monday Alexis hop..yes I know it's not Monday =/ But I forgot =( so know I'm trying to visit some of the blogs anyway =)

    Have a great night! =)

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  3. I would have kept working out too, LOL! There is very little that I will stop my workout for: Impending physical harm or actual blood... that's about it. My kids are learning :-)


  4. Stopping by from the Alexa blog drop


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