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September 26, 2011

If I Didn't Have to Work...

First, let's pretend that working is something that I choose to do, instead of something that helps to pay the bills.  Next, what would I do with all that free time??  

Here are the TOP 10 things 
I would do if I didn't have to work 
(even though I could think of about a million!!):

10)  Clean my house.  Keep my house clean.
9)  Make the beds EVERY morning.
8)  Plan meals ahead of time instead of while in the store.
7)  Be a room mom in both of my son's classrooms.
6)  Go to the gym in the morning.
5)  Catch up on my sleep.
4)  Read a book.
3)  Go to the grocery store...ALONE!
2)  Run errands during the day instead of over the weekends like everyone else.

And the #1 thing I would do if I didn't have to work...


What would you do?



  1. Now that I'm working from home, I only make my bed once a week!

  2. @Brenda@MyParentingCoach.com I'm glad I'm not alone! I do make it twice a week though...Saturday & Sunday!

  3. I have to say, as someone who has worked some crazy shifts I can definitely agree... Being able to go shopping and run other errands during the day instead of on the weekends is awesome! Plus most stores put out new stock weekday mornings, so you're getting in before everyone else has put their paws on it. And? Being able to do nothing-just because you feel like it-would ROCK!

  4. @The ZB I know! We had a day off of school today and I went to the best place in the world...TARGET! Granted, I had my overly energetic boys with me...but still.


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