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September 25, 2011

Marble Jar ~ A Sane Way to Reinforce Positive Behaviors

As a teacher, I am used to positive reinforcement in the classroom.  How can I get the kids to show respect?  How can I help them to follow directions?  In the past, I have used a marble jar as a reinforcer for the entire class.  After filling up the jar, the class would get a reward of their choosing.

Now as a mom, I'm always searching for ways to use positive ways when dealing with my boys' behaviors.  Thanks to WinWinApps, there is now a virtual Marble Jar app for iPhone and iPad!  What a life saver!  Not only do my boys love playing with my iPhone and iPad, but now I won't have glass marbles rolling all over the house!

As I have mentioned before, "Little Ricky" has a tendency to talk back and he thinks that he "knows it all!"  As much as I want to scream and send him to his room, I know that this is not the way I should react when he does this, so I've been looking for alternatives.  We started with a behavior chart and it was effective.  Now that I have found Marble Jar, we are on the road to positive reinforcement!

"Little Ricky" and I sat down to create his goals for his jar.  We wanted to work on the words he chooses when expressing his feelings, both happy and upset.  Oh yeah, and we even personalized his jar with his picture.

Our next step is to decide what appropriate reward should come out of "filling" his marble jar.  Maybe a special "Mommy/Son date" to test out our manners!

Over the next few weeks, I will monitor "Little Ricky's" choices with his words and manners and he can put marbles in his "jar."  I will share our journey.

Hmm....maybe I will create a "Mommy Jar" to help with household chores!  My reward?  DESSERT!!

Now it's your turn...go to iTunes and download Marble Jar for FREE!  I look forward to hearing your ideas on how you plan to use Marble Jar.

Disclosure: This is part of a compensated post series sponsored by Marble Jar.  All opinions are unbiased and my own. 



  1. Good iddeas, only I am not a sharer, I hate leeting my kids even look at my electronics, because they always end up tainted. I tried this star app on my iPhone to reward her with some stars, only to find out I don't feel like giving her stars or want her to touch my phone to give herself stars. It just got annoying for me. Maybe Ill try this app and see what happens ;)

  2. I think your "date" idea is a perfect natural outcome for someone who has practiced good manners. I WANT to spend one on one time with a kids who knows how to be polite! Matching the celebration to the actions you are practicing is the key to taking this offline and into real world behavior, long after the jar is full! Thanks for taking the time with the app.

  3. @Anna Palmer Thanks! It was really hard trying to think of a reward that fits the behavior. Would be so much easier to just take him to the Dollar Store to buy him something! But I know he loves doing special things and so do I...we rarely get alone time.


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