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September 22, 2011

Staying Sane as a Room Parent

As a teacher, I have learned along the way that the more organized I am in the classroom, the more organized my room mom will be.  This will in turn make our classroom activities more successful.

Now that I am a parent volunteer in my boys' classrooms, I am trying to have the same approach to organization.  My job is to help make the teacher's job easier.  Luckily there are MANY other moms who have volunteered, so I am not flying solo on this one.  

Making a chart is the best way to stay organized and keep each activity and the volunteers in order.  

Here is an example of a chart that can help to quickly see the materials and volunteers needed for each activity.  The names of the volunteers can easily be written in so the teacher will know right away who to expect for each day.

What ideas to you have for being an organized room parent?



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