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September 5, 2011

Nag, nag, nag

My youngest son, who will now be known as “The Nag,” is just that…a nag!

If he gets something in his head, he doesn’t let it go until you want to pull your hair out!  I try not to tell him things in advance because he will keep asking about it until it’s time.  And I’m not talking asking one time, or even one time a day.  I’m talking over and over again in one conversation!

Like the time I told him that I brought his bathing suit to a family party. 

“When can I go swimming?”

“After you eat.”

“I want to put on my bathing suit.”

“No, I told you after you eat.”

3 minutes pass.

“Where are you going?”

“To the pool.”

“No, I told you that you could go after you eat.”

“But I just want to look at it.”

Then it started to rain.

“Can I go in the pool now?”

“It’s raining.”

“But you promised.  You said I can go in the pool.”

“It’s raining.”

“Why can’t I go in the pool?”

“It’s raining.  I can’t make the rain go away.”

“You said I could go in the pool.”

“I wish I could make the rain stop, but I can’t.”

“Can I go in the pool?”

“Are you kidding me?”

This is NOT a joke.  This is what happens during most of my conversations with The Nag.  He does not stop…EVER!

Just another reason why I’m exhausted!



  1. babysitting him he is a "NAG " tooo I totally understand why you look forward to bedtime :)

  2. I know, but he's so cute! My baby drew! xo fairy godmudder

  3. LOL Thanks for reminding me how little ones can be. I have 5 grown children, and sometimes I forget how exhausting they can be when they are young. Hang in there, you are doing a great job! Here from the Twitterhop!

  4. And here I thought my kids were the only ones :) It IS exhausting. The best cure? Watch them while they're sleeping. All those warm, fuzzy, aren't-they-angels feelings come rushing back.

  5. It's true...he is an angel and sweet and cute...but still a NAG!

  6. I really feel your pain. My second daughter is only two but I know she will be a nag when she gets bigger. Already she is known for nuclear meltdowns.

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