"" The Exhausted Mom: Planning Ahead to Alleviate Morning Madness

September 4, 2011

Planning Ahead to Alleviate Morning Madness

I hate mornings!  The stress, the rush, the MADNESS!  Ugh!  
I wish I could have an "I Dream of Jeanne" moment, nod my head, blink my eyes and "poof" everyone is dressed, fed and ready to go.  

Until I can make that happen, here's what I do to stay sane in the mornings.

Planning ahead is key.  The night before work/school, I plan everything!  
I do a lot of my work the night before, especially since my husband isn't around most mornings.
I lay out the boys' clothes so that they don't wander around naked wondering what to wear...and I can make sure it all matches! (luckily, they wear uniforms so I don't have much thinking to do)

I pack lunches; the dry stuff goes straight into the lunch boxes, drinks and sandwiches go in the refrigerator (mine too!).  If I plan to send something hot, I place their Thermos cans by the microwave to remind myself to do that first when we get downstairs.

Dry cereal in bags...ready to go!
I plan breakfast; usually they will eat some type of dry cereal in the car or waffles or pancakes (NO SYRUP...too messy!).  Unfortunately, we have to eat in the car because my work (their school) is kind of far from our house and Miami has A LOT of traffic.  I have the kids eat a yogurt while I'm doing last minute stuff in the morning before we get in the car in case they spill so I still have access to a new shirt (happens all the time!).

I make sure all backpacks are packed and ready.  I actually sit them in front of the door so that the kids can't miss them on the way out.  

I even put my coffee cup in the Tassimo machine with a cartridge ready in the pod, so all I have to do is press start in the morning! Every little bit helps us get out of the house quicker.

FYI, if I wasn't so worried about bugs, I would totally have toothpaste on their toothbrushes the night before...but I guess I have to draw the line somewhere!

I guess most would think it would be easier on the days when my husband is around...WRONG!  He ruins our "flow."  An extra person adds a kink in our well-oiled machine....although I wouldn't mind a little help!

What do you do to stay sane in the morning?



  1. I always wonder how the women who have to get their kids out of the house and get themselves ready for work do it. I'm impressed!
    I work from home, so I usually take mine to school in sweatpants (though on some hectic mornings I have forgotten to take off my slippers!)
    Even if I did have to get myself ready, I don't think I could be so organized - or so motivated after a long day!

  2. Cranky Knitter...I'm sure you could do it too...it's a matter of making it a routine. Every time I think I can't do it, that I'm too tired, I just think of what it will be like in the morning.


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