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October 3, 2011

Easier to NOT Coupon....

I'm so frustrated.  

I was in my favorite store, purchasing necessities and not so necessary items.  I made it to the check out counter with a cart full and two overly energetic boys running around.  As the cashier is scanning the items, I am searching through my coupon holder for ways to save a couple of bucks.  I am in no way an extreme couponer...but I like to save some cash as much as the next girl.

After all of the items were scanned, I handed the cashier about 6 coupons that probably was the equivalent to $5 in savings.  He got flustered and literally went through each coupon and the computer searching for the exact match.  This was done all the while a line was forming behind me.  

I'm not one who is mellow.  I'm always in a hurry, especially when my boys are running around a store and fighting with each other; I just want to get them in the car where they can be locked in.  Needless to say, I was growing impatient.  

The lady behind me was making comments loudly like, "My goodness," and "I thought I was choosing a quick line!"  And my favorite, "Geez, you would think the money is coming out of his own pocket."  I mouthed a very apologetic "I'm sorry."  

I was sorry.  I was sorry that I chose this cashier's line.  I was sorry that I even decided to use the coupons to begin with.  

And what the lady said was true.  You WOULD think the money was coming out of his pocket.  And it wasn't.  And it wasn't even coming out of the store's pocket.  Coupons are designed so that the store is reimbursed for the discount that the consumer gets.  So they are essentially getting the money back for the already marked up item.  

Just take the damn coupons! 

And THAT is why I am so frustrated!!   Sometimes it's just easier to NOT use the coupon!



  1. thats lame.

    a wise deal-searching lady once told me that if you befriend the cashier and talk their ear off while they scan the coupons, they will get distracted and not be so coupon-nazi-ish.

    i didnt believe it at first but it does work. i've seen it with my own 2 eyes.

  2. That always happens to me! That coupon show is totally rigged because the cashiers would be going crazy with all those coupons.

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  3. This has happened to me 2 days in a row at Walmart. I hate when lines form behind me and I can hear people huffing and puffing. It is NOT my fault that the cashier doesn't know how to handle free-item coupons. It is not my fault that Walmart NEVER has enough lines open to accommodate their customers. I wait patiently because I am saving money, but I really don't like when people behind me are rude. I don't even look behind me because if it were them, they wouldn't care either.

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  4. I love couponing, but I agree that it is tough. You have to deal with all the people behind you and then the cashiers who often don't know how to apply the coupons properly. Sometimes they just aren't trained properly, others they don't even try. Often they get in trouble for not doing coupons properly. It is tough. I try to always tell the people behind me/cashiers that I'm using coupons, but they still get upset sometimes. So sorry you had to deal with that. At least you saved some money at least.


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