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November 2, 2011

The Children's Place ~ A great place for winter!

Every year as the holidays approach, I get a little more wiser when shopping for the duds that my little dudes will wear.  When they were babies, I waited until right before the holiday and nothing was available.  Now that my "baby" is 6 years old, when I see a look that I like, I grab it!

Recently, I visited The Children's Place for a local blogger event.  Although the sparkle and lace from the girls' side was pulling me, I kept my composure and went to the boys' side where I belong.

There was a lot to choose from....from flannel shirts to sport coats.  I kept in mind the upcoming holidays and celebrations that we will have with family and friends.  Living in South Florida, you also have to keep in mind the weather...we never know if it will be hot or cold during the holiday season, so I like to have options.

Of course polo type shirts are a must have in any weather.  Pair it with shorts and you can go dressy or casual depending on the shoes.  Add a long sleeved t-shirt under and pair it with jeans and it's good for cooler weather.

I loved the lightweight v-neck sweaters!  They will come in handy for both the holidays and for school.

 I had to buy fleece pull overs in case the weather decides to drop below 70 degrees here.  (Don't judge, we have thin skin here in South Florida!)

I would LOVE to put my boys in this outfit....unfortunately, their father has a very LOUD opinion!!  Ho, hum....maybe I'll convince the boys that they like it and he can't say no to them!

Be sure to check out The Children's Place online for more winter and holiday ideas. You can also find ways to save money while shopping online or in stores. 

PS....A little something I would LOVE to buy, but sadly I cannot.....why do I torture myself?!

Disclosure:  I was provided a The Childrens Place gift card for attending the event.  No request to blog or social media exposure was asked by the store.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. screw what dad has to say! how cute would any boy look in that outfit!!!!! I say buy it :-)


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