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November 4, 2011

Losing Control

My husband found a cleaning lady on Craig's List.  Craig's List.  

Not sure why it bothers me so much.  Maybe it has something to do with the Craig's List murderer.  Or maybe I'm just nervous leaving a complete stranger in my house with the few valuables and electronics that we have.  

Why did he take it upon himself to hire a cleaning lady?  Am I an awful housekeeper?  Should I be a better wife?

Not to mention that I feel self conscious about my house and our mess.  Does she judge me?  Has she seen worse?  I will admit, when we take things out, we don't necessarily put them away.  With that, we have a lot of clutter.  It really does make me uneasy, but I'm just too exhausted to follow everyone in the house around and put it all away. 

I know I am being spoiled and having a cleaning lady is a treat, but I can't help feeling like I'm losing control of my little world.

Does anyone else feel like this when someone else cleans or does anything for you?



  1. I don't have a cleaning lady, but days like today, I wish I did! My mom had a lady come clean once a week when we were growing up. The night before she came to clean, my Mom always made us clean the house. My mom didn't want her to think we were messy.

  2. embrace the cleaning lady.

    but if you don't want her, you can send her up to my house :-D

  3. Hi, I think I would be uncomfortable with someone in my house that I didn't personally know, especially from Craigslist. Although, I am sure that it would be nice to have a clean house for a change, lol.
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  4. I think it would be easier if the person came from a cleaning company or refereed by a friend any where except Craigs list... But sense he has already done it, give her a chance you may love her. :-)
    Came by to see you on the Sunday Funday Hop... :-)
    Following GFC

  5. Hmmm, interesting what you can find on Craigs list huh? It's funny, my sister & a good friend of mine have offered to come & help me with some organizing, etc. I'm always so embarrassed by my mess I end up cleaning it up before them get here and there is nothing to do but sit & have a cup of coffee with friends. I totally get the clutter. I have 3 that I homeschool & I can't seem to keep up or care to most of the time. I say give this person a try. You never know!!
    Imperfectly Pamela :)


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