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November 15, 2011

Theatre Bug

So apparently "Little Ricky" has gotten the theatre bug.  

In his class, the students are putting on a Thanksgiving play.  He was chosen as a narrator due to his extreme memory.  He has memorized his lines beautifully and is super excited for the play.  As a matter of fact, tonight as he was practicing, he was actually saying the lines of the other kids as well!

Tonight at CFF (formerly known as CCD for the Catholics out there), he volunteered himself to be a shepherd in the upcoming Christmas pageant.  He had a fitting for his little costume.  He took one look at himself and cried out, "I am a handsome little shepherd!"

So now we are committed to practice on Saturdays and his silent performance.  Which, by the way, he was not happy about.  He wanted to learn yet another line!

Oh goodness!  What's next?  Play and movie auditions?  

I'm exhausted already!!


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