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December 13, 2011

Ways to Con Your Kids Out of Pets

I like animals....just at a distance.  Not in my house.  More like in a zoo.
Now I'm currently trying to con my kids into NOT wanting a pet.

It may sound mean, but I really don't need one more thing to be in charge of or to worry about.  If I really wanted to take care of someone else, I would just have another kid.

Here are some ways to con your kids out of pets:

1)  "You know, if we get a dog, you have to clean up the poop in the backyard."

2)  "A dog may chew all your toys...and I won't buy you new ones."

3)  "Cats leave their hair all over your bed and clothes."

4)  "Remember that time we watched our friend's dog and it peed on the floor?"

5)  "If we get a dog, then we can't go to Disney, because no one will babysit for us."

6)  "I'm allergic."  (by the way, total lie....and my oldest called me out on it!)

This conversation worked so well, the kids got in on the act....

"I don't want to get a tiger because he would scratch me."
"I don't want to get an elephant because it leaves giant poops."
"I don't want to get a shark because he would eat me."

Ah, the power of persuasion!



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