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January 7, 2012

36 Years Young

So here I am on the morning of my 36th year.  
Yeah, I admit it, I'm 36 years old today.  I'm not ashamed.

Why should I get so worked up about an age?  
So what that I'm getting closer to 40....
In my head I'm still 22.  
And then I look in the mirror and it hits me.  I'm not 22.

So what that I'm getting lines under my eyes.....
So what that my former giant dimples are becoming longer and running down my cheeks....
So what that my joints pop when I stretch and sometimes hurt when the weather changes....
I'm still young.  
And then I talk with people younger than me....

What do you mean that you don't know who Punky Brewster is?
Why can't you remember the time when you could roam free with your friends on bikes until the sun went down?
Yeah, Ah-Ha was the first cassette tape that I ever owned....what?  You don't know what a cassette tape is?  UGH!
Yeah, I know all the words to "Ice-Ice Baby," oh yeah, and the moves from the video...so what?  
Why don't you remember when Mark Whalberg was really Marky Mark and he posed in Calvin Klein ads?

Maybe I am getting old. 

Oh well....I'll just give a toast to my old ass....and enjoy the ride!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!



  1. Love it! I too remember when Marky Mark was the street-wise brother of Donnie Whalberg. I'm not sure how he was supposed to be so street, but his brother wasn't. Hmm. Good Times! Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. @Tiffany Thanks so much!
    Oh yeah, forgot to mention how much of a fan I was of Donnie! NKOTB FOREVER!!

  3. What about first time Mommies at 36. It keep you both exhausted and young, as the clock is ticking we need baby no 2 and I'm already exhausted of the glimmer of it...
    Happy birthday enjoy the milestone ...


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