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January 10, 2012

Cake Pop Extravaganza!

Ever since I stumbled upon Bakerella, I have been obsessed with cake pops!
I have tried her strategy of "messing up" on a cake and rolling it together with cream cheese frosting.  But the balls never came out uniform and my hands got so messy.

Then I came across this nifty little invention...

What an adventure this was!!  

You start with a regular boxed cake mix and a box of instant pudding the same flavor as the cake.
You mix the cake and pudding powder with a little less water and a little more oil.

You fill the bottom pan halfway in each semi-circle cup.  Be careful not to fill it up too much...or batter spills out the top of the pan. 

I filled mine too much and batter came through the top! UH OH!
But the messed up tops were like little yummy mushroom caps! Delicious with a glass of milk!!

The cake balls come out perfectly round!
I used candy melts to coat the cake balls....still an art I have yet to perfect!

Not as cute as Bakerella's, but they'll do!
Have you tried making cake balls?  What works for you? 



  1. All of your pictures here describe just exactly why I have NOT tried to make cake pops.

    Take a yummy easy to make treat. Make it tiny and really hard to make. Um....why exactly?

    At Starbucks they sell cake pops for $2. Literally a BITE OF CAKE for $2.

    Personally I'm sticking with my slightly less cute but infinitely easier and still just as yummy cupcakes ;)

    1. I agree that Starbucks is over priced bites of cake....
      But the pans are pretty easy....
      Sad part is I really don't like eating them with the icing....so the balls are pretty damn good!


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