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January 13, 2012

I Just Became an eBay Seller!

I've always been an eBay buyer.  From Cricut cartridges, to personalized invitations for the kiddies birthdays, to Tory Burch sandals...eBay is great!

But recently I finally became an eBay seller.  

For my birthday, my husband surprised me with the iPhone 4S....you know "Siri."  I didn't ask for it.  My iPhone 4 was merely a year old.  But who am I to deny his generous gift?!

Now what to do with my iPhone 4?  Why not eBay?

I was a little nervous to list it.  
It's almost a fear of rejection.  Kind of like in high school and the fear of being rejected by the "cool kids."  What if no one wants it?  What if someone is sitting home reading my listing and laughing?  Did I make it sound good enough?  What if I made it sound too good?

Before I listed my phone, I followed some simple steps:

1)  Research:  I looked up similar phones on eBay to see how others listed, priced, and worded their product.  

2)  Networked:  I spoke with people that I know that have recently sold items on eBay.  (I really just needed reassurance.)

3)  Photos:  I took a photo of my phone and tried to make it look pleasing.  

4)  Honest writing:  I don't want to mislead buyers.  Not to mention that I want to sell this thing.  So I wrote honestly about the item I'm selling. 

5)  Looked through a buyer's eyes:  I thought of the listings that usually appeal to me as a buyer.  A picture, free shipping, feedback percentage, and a clear description. 

Now I'm just sitting on pins and needles waiting to make a successful sale!

Have you ever sold anything on eBay?  How did you like it?



  1. selling on ebay is awesome. especially a good item like an iphone :-D

  2. Hi,

    Just one tip, If you do not manage to sell it on the first time.
    Relist it to end the listing on the busiest time on e-bay.

    It is the first weekend of every month! nearly double than any other weekend and four times more than a normal day.

    hope it helps.
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    1. Thanks so much for the tip! I'm always learning!!


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