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January 16, 2012

My Memory is Back! Thank You, Siri!

For my birthday, my husband gave me an iPhone 4S.  I didn't ask for it, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

As everyone knows, the iPhone 4S comes with "Siri."  This wonderfully helpful woman who can find the answer to things, talks to you, and can remind you of everything!

And that's what she does....reminds me of everything!  You all know that I've mentioned that I can't remember anything lately, and that I wished that Apple would make a "mind reading" app.  Well, Siri can't read my mind, but at least now when I think something, I can say it to Siri and she remembers to remind me of it.  It's awesome!

Oh Siri, I LOVE YOU!!
I just tell her what to remind me of, and she does it.  Then whatever time I set the reminder for, my phone makes a sound to let me know.  Then I sometimes edit my reminders if I'm not ready for it so it will remind me again.  It's awesome! 

I won't even tell you what we ask her when we've had a few too many...but if you have her or know anyone else who has her, then I'm sure you've asked her some strange questions...

Do you have the benefit of the lovely Siri?  What are some other ways I can use her to my benefit?



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