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January 17, 2012

Busier Than Ever!

I like to keep my boys active.  They play baseball, do karate, and my oldest is currently in CCD.

Before this wasn't a bad thing, they were in the same karate class, and whatever other sport they chose, I would be sure to have them either in the same group or at least on the same day.  But now they are older. 

The current spread of their ages has me in a million places at once!  My oldest just moved up in age class in karate, which means that now instead of 30 minutes in my day, I'm there for an hour and a half!  And baseball is the same thing....we have t-ball for one and U7 for the other.  This means 2 different coaches, 2 different practices, 2 different games, 2 different parks and MANY days! 

View from the app on my phone.

Thank goodness for my Cozi calendar!  I can have everyone's activities with the time and places in all one place.  I have my calendar on my computer and especially on my phone.  This way when my memory fails, my Cozi doesn't!

Cozi also has a "To Do" list and a "Shopping" tab.  This way I can keep my lists in one helpful place.  My favorite part is when I mark something off of my To Do list or shopping list, it actually crosses the item out with a line.  That's the very reason why I love lists so much...the gratification of the crossing out!

Do you use Cozi calendar?  If so, what's your favorite part?


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