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January 19, 2012

Thirsty Thursday ~ Goombay Smash

I know I live in a tropical paradise here in Miami, but it doesn't feel like paradise when I have to work like everyone else.  Paradise to me is a secluded island with crystal blue waters and powdery white sand.  Aaahhhhhh!

What better paradise than the one that is 30 minutes away from me by plane.....The Bahamas!  I'm dreaming of it now.....

Here's a drink that we like to have when we make it down there....
(it's also really good in Miami when you're on the boat on any given Saturday)

Goombay Smash
(4 servings, make a pitcher!)

4oz. spiced Rum 
4oz. Malibu® coconut Rum
8oz. pineapple juice
8oz. orange juice
Mix ingredients 
Pour over ice

Aaahhhh! Now that's refreshing!

For more Thirsty Thursday cocktails, visit AntiMomBlog.com



  1. Sounds delicious and wonderful. I could lay on a beach with my Kindle and that drink forever!!!

  2. Hello Alexis! This cocktail sounds yummy!! As a mom of 4 myself, I know how important the right cocktail is ;)

    Hope you're enjoying your Thursdays! If you are looking for more cocktail ideas, check out my blog at cocktail365.blogspot maybe you'll find something for one of your Thursdays! Cheers!!

    1. Thanks! I will definitely use you as a reference on a Thirsty Thursday treat!


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