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March 30, 2012

My Beast Friends ~ A New Kind of Security Blanket

Is your child afraid of the dark?  Are they going to a new school or play group and they feel a little shy?  What helps to comfort them?

I recently learned of a new way to calm a child's fear without carrying around the dreaded security blanket.  
It's My Beast Friends.

My Beast Friends is like a "modern day security blanket" but with special powers!   These adorable little beasts enable children to reinforce the importance of friendship while overcoming their personal fears.


MBF features two categories of plush dolls: Adopt-a-Beast and Create-a-Beast.
While visiting the website:
  • Customers can ADOPT (6 original Beast Friends – Tibu, Leo, Daisy, Rob, Hav-z, Flamester) their own friendly beast to help them conquer theirs fears or achieve their dreams
  • Customers can CREATE their own custom made beast friend and assign it special powers according to their personal fear or dreams - where customer can pick the shape, color, eyes, mouth and names it with unique name.
"The Nag" chose Rob the Blob

My boys loved going online and choosing which beast they would adopt.  Since "The Nag" is still a little afraid of the dark, he chose Rob the Blob.  He's a warmhearted and funny friend who was once afraid of the dark, but once he had his own beast friend, he learned how to conquer the fear.
"Little Ricky" chose Lazy Leo
"Little Ricky" chose Lazy Leo.  This beast is a little bossy, but is also generous and loving.  He tends to daydream and loves sleeping...just like my little "beast!"

The boys were so excited to receive their new beasties.  They haven't let go of them yet!

My Beast Friends NEEDS YOUR HELP!  They have entered the "Get On the Shelf" Walmart competition and we are one of the contestants trying to make it to their shelf - and need all the VOTES they can to make it to FINALIST!!!!

Vote on the "Get on the Shelf" site 

You can also vote by text:  
TEXT 3373 to 383838

Check out My Beast Friends on Facebook and Twitter!
If you could create your own "Beast Friend," which super powers would you want it to have?

Disclaimer:  Although My Beast Friends provided me with sample "friends," all opinions are my own.



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