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March 31, 2012

You Mean I Didn't Win?

Photo courtesy of News New Mexico

The New York Powerball lottery was up to $640 million this week.  

I didn't win.

I had all these awesome dreams of what I would do with the money...

First and foremost....I would retire.  

I would buy a new house.
I would pay for my kids' education for life.
They would also have trust funds set up so they would never have to worry.

I'm not all selfish...
I would also pay off my parent's debts and make sure they had all that they need.

Then I would hire an amazing top notch lawyer and accountant who would help me to invest my money properly and be sure that sneaky people wouldn't take advantage of me.

But I didn't win.

I would also be charitable and donate money to cancer research and volunteer my time to worthy causes.

But I didn't win.

I'm sure that I wouldn't be as exhausted as I am all the time.
Because of course I would have regular massages, hire a personal chef, and possibly a live-in maid.

But I didn't win.

The odds of winning the jackpot were 176 million to one.  

And I didn't win. 

Did I mention that I didn't even play?

Oh well, maybe next time!



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