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April 2, 2012

South Florida Finds ~ Junior Achievement World

Do you ever wish you had a manual for how to live in the "real" world? Apart from the mundane economics class in high school, did you really feel ready to make it as an adult?

Junior Achievement is a nonprofit organization founded in 1919.  The program was originally intended to teach business, economics, and life-skills for high school aged students.  In the past 25 years, the program gradually expanded to encompass a broader student population.

Luckily, the kids in South Florida have a unique teaching style in that of Junior Achievement World.  

Junior Achievement World is a grand learning environment in which students are given opportunities for real rather than imagined activities, active rather than passive learning, and actual decision making with positive and negative consequences.  In addition to improving test scores, the students learn the concepts of teamwork, leadership, punctuality, customer service and many other skills vital to success in the workplace.

BizTown: The place where it ALL happens!

So cool, right?

Middle school aged students enter a mini-city, supported by trained instructors, where they take full responsibility for roles as proprietors, civic leaders and consumers.  The students operate and patronize businesses such as a newspaper, radio station, television station, bank, electric company, restaurant, real estate firm, professional offices, governmental offices and others.

Doesn't this sound cool?  It makes me almost want to go back to middle school.  Almost.

JAWorld wouldn't work without volunteers.  If you are in the South Florida area, and would like to volunteer at JAWorld, sign up here

I recently visited JAWorld when I participated in the #ChevyHiddenJEWELS event.



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