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April 9, 2012

The Power of Pinterest

Hi, my name is Alexis, and I'm addicted to Pinterest.

Are you addicted to Pinterest?
Do you spend hours pinning meal ideas, photos of what your dream kitchen would look like, or possible that awesome pair of shoes you found last week?
I honestly get lost on Pinterest, pinning anything from classroom ideas, to crafts that I SHOULD be doing, and even ideas for my Thirsty Thursdays.

I only viewed it as a personal addiction.  And then the power of Pinterest hit me where it counts...in my blog!

One day, I was minding my own business and I decided to check out my stats for the little blog.  Content with my 15 usual followers...yes, most are family members...I just wanted to see if my recent post had been viewed.  What I saw made me do a double take!

My 17 usual page loads had jumped to over 15,000 in just ONE DAY!  Wha???????
I thought StatCounter was mistaken.  NO WAY that many people were checking me out....

I checked where all the visitors were coming from, and it was my obsession....PINTEREST!  Someone had pinned my Corona-Rita from August.  That one pin has been passed all around and has brought me traffic.  

At first I thought it was fake traffic.  That it would pass after a week, but since March 21st, that one post gets no less than 800 hits daily.  I am up to over 277,000 page loads on that one post alone!  Did I mention that my usual family members are now joined by 33 new email subscribers to my little blog?  (oh, and someone actually pinned my picture on Pinterest...and no, it wasn't my mom!)

My suggestion to all my blogger friends...take great pictures and pin them to the almighty Pinterest.  The more eye catching the better.  GOOD LUCK!

I have to go pin some more shoes onto my boards...at least until I can find a 12 step program to stop my addiction.

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  1. I'm a first time visitor from Pinterest. So fun to find your blog! Arrived from looking at the Corona-Riat, which I might just have to try this week.

  2. I am here because of the yummy Corona drink too- =) Like your blog!


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