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May 15, 2012

Healthier Lunches with Foster Farms

When you think school lunches, what do you think about?

I think of the main trifecta:  pizza,  hamburger and corn dogs.  Well, at least that was what the cafeteria was serving when I was a kid.  I loved them all!  The greasy rectangle shaped pizza with ranch dressing on top (yeah, you heard me...ranch dressing on pizza!), that skinny hamburger, and the crunchy corn dog with mustard.  MMMMMM!!!

The thought of those same foods for my kids' lunches make me cringe a little.  How on earth did my mom let me eat that stuff??  But let's face it, those are the things that kids like.  

In recent times, these lunch time favorites are being threatened in our school's lunch rooms.  Due to the need for healthier eating, the days of the pizza, hamburger and corn dog will be gone.

Foster Farms, a family–owned and operated poultry company, wants to bring the corn dog back!!  Not all corn dogs are created equal, and Foster Farms is proof of that!  

Welcome Foster Farms' 100% Whole Grain Chicken Corn Dogs!  These new whole grain, low fat, reduced sodium alternative to the kid favorite corn dog is sure to please!!  (Not to mention they have more protein than a cheeseburger on a whole wheat bun!)

Little Ricky: "The best corn dogs!"

Are you worried about taste?  Well, my pickiest eater though the Foster Farms' 100% Whole Grain Chicken Corn Dogs were (and I quote) "the best corn dogs!" 

These delicious corn dogs are now available to schools across the country.  If you want to try them for yourself, you can find them at your local grocery store.

**Disclaimer:  Foster Farms provided my family with a sample of their 100% Whole Grain Chicken Corn Dogs.  As always, all opinions are my own.



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