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June 12, 2012

My Comfort Food

For the past couple of weeks, the boys and I have been staying with my mom as she recovers from her broken leg.  Between the nurse attending to her wound, the Physical Therapist helping her to walk again, bouncing back and forth from doctors' appointments, and getting her settled so that she can be comfortable, I have been having a hard time finding my own comfort

We've been staying at The Manor (aka my aunt's house).  It is very comfortable here and I'm actually only 16 more days away from legally becoming the owner (squatter's rights)!  

But I miss home.  

I miss my husband.  I miss my bed.  I miss my couch.  

The easiest way for me to "feel like home" is with comfort food.  Luckily, The Manor just got a new kitchen and it's more fun to cook here than my own house...so that's a plus!

And what is my comfort food?  Dessert.  Any dessert.  I LOVE sweet! 

Last night we made chocolate chip cookies to help the boys and I feel more at home. 

Warm chocolate chip cookies....MMMM!

Add a cold glass of milk....yes, please!

So until I go back home, I will continue to make food that is comforting.  
Let's just hope I don't gain 10 extra pounds in the process!!

What is your favorite comfort food?  When do you enjoy it most?



  1. Wow...I'm sitting here and can't decide what's my comfort food. I love anything sweet & salty...chocolate covered pretzels always make me happy. I also love anything savory, well almost anything.

    I think food is just all around comforting! Ha. Probably why I'm always on a constant diet!

    Sending your mom get better vibes! My dad was transferred to rehab yesterday.

    1. Sending love to you & your mom & dad! XXOO

  2. I so love chocolate chip cookies... especially homemade ones.

    Hopefully you can get back home and enjoy all those comforts that are yours.

  3. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies do sound delicious. I love Spaghetti with sauce or soup.

  4. A bag of fresh nacho cheese Doritos and an ice cold Diet Coke.

  5. Anything my mom makes is comfort food for me!

    1. Anything your mom makes is comfort food for me too!! XXOO


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