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June 11, 2012

Father Friendly Gift Ideas

I don't know about you, but shopping for my husband and father are rather annoying tasks.  Maybe it's because they are not women or maybe it's because they always say "don't buy me anything."  Which in women's terms, means "you better buy me something or you're in trouble," so of course, I always try to come up with something.  

Here are some ideas that can help with the shopping for the men in your life this Father's Day (other than a tie):


We got my husband a watch this Father's Day (don't worry, he doesn't read my blog...meanie).  He recently cracked his at work.  Check out this Michael Kors watch....I LOVE his watches!!

Sports Gear

"Meanie" needs a new golf bag.  So I told him that's what the kids could get him for Father's Day.  He said no, that he could buy it himself.  I am aware that he can buy anything he wants for himself, but it's nice to get a "gift."  Again, meanie.


We are going on a mini staycation this weekend to just be together for Father's Day.  Check into a hotel in your area and just hang by the pool this weekend...or if you're lucky like we are, go to the beach.  

Kids' Art

And of course, have your kids make something for the fathers in your life.  As you know, I'm addicted to Pinterest.  I have found the CUTEST ideas for photos to take and crafts for kids to make for dads and grandpas.  Check out this idea from Crafty, Yummy Home.

What are your kids doing for the men in their life this  Father's Day?  How do you celebrate these special men?



  1. great ideas! i did the whole "you don't have to buy me anything" for mothers day and all i got was a card. so my father's day shopping is pretty easy :)

  2. Very good ideas. I'm thinking of getting hubby a massage...so he stops bugging me for one.


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