"" The Exhausted Mom: Viva Brazil!!!

June 10, 2012

Viva Brazil!!!

Brazil must be the summer trend.  I was walking in the mall with my mom, and as we moved through Macy's, we couldn't help but notice that everything had a theme of Brazil....

The clothes, the purses, the shoes, the jewelery, the make up!  

I've never been to Brazil, but the way that the brands were advertising it, it sounds like my kind of place.  Bright colors, flowing fabrics, chunky jewelery.  Everything reminded me of happiness and fun.  What is not to love?

When I got a closer look, I realized that Macy's is even giving customers a chance to win a trip to Brazil!  Of course I entered....my kids started whining that they wanted to go to Brazil right now.  
(I wish!)

Estee Lauder has a fragrance.
Even Lancome has eye look set dedicated to Brazil.

In order to get ready for my upcoming trip to Brazil (keep your fingers crossed), I need to get going doing the Brazil Butt Lift so I look the part!

I guess it won't work if I don't use it!!

Enter today for your own chance to win a trip to Brazil and Macy's.



  1. I love all the brightly colored clothing that is out there now. Although I don't wear all that much of it.... I don't need to draw attention to myself.

  2. I just saw this in my Macy's. I was wondering what that was about! I don't think I'll be heading to Brazil anytime soon! :( wah!


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