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July 12, 2012

A Guest Ready Bathroom ~ Easy Redecorating

We have a guest bathroom in the downstairs of our house that needs a make over.  When we first moved in 6 years ago, I thought it looked so cute.  Now I can't stand the sight of it.  It's embarrassing when guests come over.  I want a clean and visually appealing bathroom.

Since funds are tight and resources are limited, I had to make do with what I had and what I could find cheaply.  I would LOVE to paint the bathroom a new color, but I think my husband would divorce me if I tried.

Instead, I gave our bathroom a make-over without breaking the bank.  In fact, I only spent about $16.  

Here's how:

I had a picture hanging above the toilet that we've had for years.  I was tired of it.  I found these wall cubes at Target and thought they would be a nice addition to my outdated bathroom in place of the picture that was already above the toilet.

About $16

To make it easier to hang the cubes, I made a copy of the back of the cubes where the holes are.  I then taped the copies to my wall so that I could visualize the grouping.  Leaving the copies on the wall, I screwed the anchors in exactly where they would end up on the cubes.  Then I ripped the paper off the wall and hung the cubes.

I used small items from around my house to decorate the boxes. 

Do you have a towel holder with ceramic anchors?  We did.  "Little Ricky" decided one day that it would be a great place to "hang."  I'm sure you can guess what happened.  Yup, the plastic towel bar broke.  We went to buy a new bar.  Did you know that they don't sell them anymore?  Apparently people would rather have the fancy metal ones in their bathrooms.  Go figure.

My husband took the anchors down, so I placed pictures that we already had on that wall.  

Since so many people use this bathroom, it's better to use disposable towels.  I used a removable hook to hang my Kleenex hand towels for easy access.

Cute, huh?

See, you can redecorate your guest bathroom for next to nothing.  How do you change things up in your bathrooms?

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I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.



  1. I love the idea of copying the back of objects when hanging items on the wall for making placement of screws easier! Thanks for the great tip and I love the changes you made to update your bathroom!

    1. Can't wait for you to make your way down to South Florida so you can see for yourself!

  2. Those Kleenex Hand Towels look so convenient. I love your simple ideas of decorating. Why doesn't you Hubby want to change to color of the bathroom? Patricia

  3. Ready to come and wash and dry my hands in your revamped bathroom! Looks great!

    1. Come on over! We'll have cocktails!!

  4. I have a bathroom I want to hit with a sledgehammer....I really think that's the only fix. But I love disposable hand towels instead of regular towels. Glad to see Kleenex is making them!

  5. looks great! i bought shelves that had those templates too-made hanging so much easier. wanna come over and help me with my guest bath?!?

    1. I made the templates by copying the back. But if they came with them, that would be great too!

  6. i liked this idea!!! thank you

  7. Love the cubes. I've been meaning to get some and put them up. Wonderful idea to make the copies and use them as templates, would have never thought of that.

  8. Nice! Great tip on how to hang up items- gonna remember that one for sure.



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