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July 19, 2012

Our Urban Adventure!

So the other day, the boys and I went on an urban adventure.  We rode the Miami MetroRail.  

As a former resident of the Washington, D.C. area where the Metro is the main form of transportation, I am comfortable with taking the public route when getting around.  But since I've lived in Miami, I have only taken the MetroRail once. 

In Miami, almost everyone has a car.  And from the look of our traffic, they are all on the road.  

When I decided to take a trip to The Filling Station, a downtown Miami burger joint, with my boys, I thought it would be a fun adventure by taking the MetroRail.  I will admit it, my kids have never been on the MetroRail.  And to be honest, they've only been downtown a handful of times.  What a great way for them to see a new side to our immense city.

"The Nag" was a little nervous waiting...
I must say, I felt like a complete rookie as we purchased our tickets...I didn't know which way to go to the platform.  While we were waiting, we talked about staying behind the yellow line and how fast the train would be moving.  "The Nag" was a little nervous because he didn't want to fall on the tracks.  The invincible "Little Ricky" kept trying to push limits, but I kept a close eye on him.  

Once we were on the train, the boys loved it! "It's like we're on a rollercoaster!"  

They also liked looking out the window and identifying landmarks that we usually see from our car.  "Look Mommy, that's where we go to school!"  "We've been there before!" 
And every kid's fun time:  the escalator.  We took many of them.

In Miami, you don't have to walk to every destination because we have MetroMovers so you can get even closer to where you are going.  We took the MetroMover to the restaurant so that I wouldn't have to hear: "I'm tired of walking!" even though it was only a couple of blocks away.

What a DISASTER!  Yeah, another rookie mistake.  We got on the wrong MetroMover....twice!  But if we hadn't made our mistake, we wouldn't have gotten such a great view of the American Airlines Arena, the home of the Miami Heat

Well, we finally made it to The Filling Station and enjoyed an awesome cheeseburger & tots!

We FINALLY made it!

All in all, it was a great urban adventure....one I'm sure we'll do again.  Next time, we will know a lot more!!


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  1. sounds like fun! they are too cute!


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