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July 24, 2012

Their Future's So Bright ~ Make Them Wear Shades

It's no secret that the sun can do damage to our skin and eyes.  Out of 365 days in a year in Miami, 223 of those days are the worst days for unprotected skin and eyes.  That's the third worst city for that kind of ultraviolet (UV) exposure! 

Living in Miami, I use facial lotion with sunscreen and I make sure my kids wear sunscreen when going in the pool or ocean.  I always put sunglasses on when leaving the house so I won't squint and get wrinkles!  But wearing sunglasses is so much more

According to The Vision Council, "when it comes to the human eye and the sun's rays, it's what we can't see that matters most."  Most Americans feel that they are not at risk for UV rays on their eyes.  

Did you know?
  • UV exposure causes 90% of all skin cancers
  • Retinal exposure to UV rays is associated with cataracts and macular degeneration, both causes of vision impairment.  
  • UV damage builds over time, so the sooner you start protecting your eyes from the sun, the lower the risk will be of ever developing future eye problems.

That is why you need to protect your kids' eyes from the sun.  According to The Vision Council, children receive three times the annual sun exposure of adults, and research has shown that their young eyes are especially susceptible to UV-radiation-related harm. 73% of parents said they wore sunglasses to protect their eyes from Ultraviolet radiation, but only 58% said that their children wore sunglasses, too.  Why is that number so low? 

In my house, my kids wear sunglasses to look "cool."  But when it's time to hit the outdoors, they often forget them or they have lost them.  I'm at fault...I don't enforce this ever important habit.  I really wasn't aware of the potential damage that may be plaguing my guys.  Not to mention "Little Ricky" has blue eyes and blue eyes are more at risk for UV damage than brown eyes

Here are some tips for buying the right pair of sunglasses for your child (and you):
  • Buy sunglasses from a reputable retailer (like a drug store, mass retailer, or an eye care professional's office).
  • Always buy UV-protective pair of glasses.  Check any sunglasses you intend to buy for a label, sticker, or tag from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The label "UV 380" covers all UVA and UVB rays.
  • When buying a pair of sunglasses for your child, try them on yourself.  Make sure you can see clearly and there is no lens distortion.  If they aren't comfortable, they won't be worn.
  • Remember, they don't have to be expensive to protect. 
  • Let your child help pick them out.  They will be more likely to wear something that they like.

For more information about keeping your eyes healthy, and how to help your kids get in the habit of wearing sunglasses, visit The Bureau of Missing Sunglasses and connect with The Vision Council on facebook

Guess I need to go shopping!  My kids need new shades.  (Sorry honey, it's to protect the boys...)  Ok, and maybe I need a new pair too!

My boys would love the ones with the blue flames!

Do your kids wear sunglasses each time they are outdoors?

Disclosure: Although I received compensation as part of my participation in this campaign with The Motherhood, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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  1. My kids want their glasses...then in five minutes they are done. A constant battle, thank goodness is hardly SUNNY in Oregon.


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