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July 5, 2012

Pay it Forward Friday ~ Fabulous Summer Bottoms: Dorothy Perkins Edition

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Fabulous Summer Bottoms: Dorothy Perkins Edition

I know as a mom, we put everyone and everything before ourselves.  Along with this neglect, our fantastic children slowly suck the life out of us during the day, leaving us tired and covered in something sticky.  My mission in life, well since having my daughter, has been trying to find the balance between being a great mom and still being able to stay true to my pre-mom self.  One of those things for me is shopping. 

I have a slight problem/obsession, but I love fashion and the way a great outfit makes me feel.  Some might think of that as vain, but when you look good, you feel good...a trendy domino effect, if you will.

Now that summer is here and slowly melting us away here in South Florida, I like to keep up on deals and great finds for all the latest summer trends.  I came across this great website called Dorothy Perkins and am in love!  Fashion-forward trends for great prices can’t get any better than that!  

Since summer is in full swing, you have to have a few staples beyond a bathing suit.  A good pair of shorts or cropped jeans are a must.  Here are a few pairs of bottoms that everyone should add to their summer wardrobe and they are all under $50!

Jean Bermuda Shorts $39

Jean Bermuda Shorts
These are my absolute favorite this summer!  I wear mine practically every other day.  If you are chasing after kids or meeting a friend for lunch, these are perfect for any day of the week.  And if you want to go on a casual date night with your significant other, throw on a pair or cute wedges for that extra "oomph."

Colored Jean Shorts $27
Colored Jean Shorts
Along with the bolds, sweet pastels are making their way into the limelight.  Try a cool mint color or even a light peach.

Colored Jeans
Colored Jeans $39
Color is in and is everywhere you look.  They are showing fantastic bold and bright fabrics that can give an outfit that extra pop.  A great pair of colored denim jeans, like these blue ones, paired with a simple white tee will make a great summer outfit.  The white – well they are classic summer all the way!


Maxi Skirt – Striped $35
Maxi Skirts
I love love LOOOOVE these skirts!  You can dress them up or down with either a pair of wedges or cute sandals.  So breezy and cute…and beyond comfortable!


Rompers starting at $21
It’s not summer without a cute romper!  I love these things and they are everywhere.  Great for cover ups or just a quick outfit when you are in a rush.  These 3 are great options.  Whether you like shorts or capri length, rompers are perfect for a relaxing BBQ or a fun summer party!


These great finds will help spice up your summer wardrobe without breaking the bank.  Double bonus!

I want to thank Alexis & all her fab Exhausted Mom readers for having me!  Be sure to come check me out over at The Anti Mom for more weekly fashion postings on the latest trends (next week will be the top 5 summery tops under $20!) and of course some other random shenanigans!

As a way to share the blogging love and meet new bloggers, I have "Pay it Forward Friday."  This is where I periodically feature fellow bloggers with different interests and from new areas.  If you are interested in writing a guest post for "Pay it Forward Friday," feel free to send me a message!  I would love to feature you!!



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