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July 27, 2012

U.S. Olympic Fashion with Ralph Lauren

Are you ready for the 2012 Olympic Summer Games?  This year's games will be the first ones that my kids will be able to enjoy and we are excited!

We are ready to don our red, white and blue and support the USA in their endeavors to bring as many gold medals home as possible.  What better way to support our team than with official Olympic fashions from Ralph Lauren?

Ralph Lauren, the ever popular clothing line, is the official outfitter for the 2012 US Olympic team.  At tonight's opening ceremony 539 athletes from the United States will proudly walk during the Parade of Athletes as we cheer from almost 4,000 miles away. 

Very dapper....

Bloomingdale's has partnered with Ralph Lauren to bring these special Team USA Olympic fashions home for all to support our team.  There are also matching outfits for the entire family.  The really cool part?  Bloomingdale's is the sole distributor or the vintage type Olympic fashions from Ralph Lauren.  I LOVE vintage! 

Let's go USA!

The hubby can show support too!
And of course, you can't leave me out!!
"Little Ricky" & "The Nag" would be so cute in this one!!
Olympic fashion for even the smallest enthusiast!

Check out Bloomingdale's to find your own Ralph Lauren Olympic fashions for the entire family!

Check out some Olympic fun facts:

  • This year's summer games run from July 27-August 12.
  • The opening ceremony is titled: 'Isles of Wonder'.
  • The United States has won more medals (2,189) at the Summer Games than any other country.
  • Three continents – Africa, South America, and Antarctica – have never hosted an Olympics.
  • There will be 26 sports represented at this year's summer Olympics.
  • 204 countries will be represented 

Let's go Team USA!!!


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  1. Oh the big outfit brew-ha-ha-ha last night with the whole Ralph Lauren made in Chna thing. I thought the outfits were cute except for the rounded collars on the guys and I wanted to see a closer up on the girls shoe-sock thing. From afar I didn't like the white bobby sock shoe look but maybe the shoes were cool and I don't know it. Other than that they were very festive.


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