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July 29, 2012

Whistling Dixie

So "Little Ricky" has been working hard on learning how to whistle.  We had a talk about how to do it.  It's not just putting your lips together, but that your teeth and tongue have to also work.   He couldn't figure it out.  For days he worked hard on getting the sound out.  

Then one day......pheeeew.....  It was faint, but a sound definitely escaped his little puckered lips.  Pheeeeew!  Another one.  PHEEEWWW!  

Now that little bugger is "Whistling Dixie" all over!!

At first it was really cute.  Now it's all I hear.

Pheeew pheew pheeeew as he builds with his Legos.

Pheeew pheew pheeeew while he's watching tv.

Pheeew pheew pheeeew at the movie theater.

Pheeew pheew pheeeew even while he's in bed and supposed to be going to sleep.

That darn sound is now in my head and I too am making the pheeew pheew pheeeew sound.  

Ugh.  Now I have to teach him how to sing songs while whistling so at least it's an enjoyable sound!  Wish me luck!



  1. LOL! That's too cute! I remember when my Sabrina learned to whistle, it was all we heard too! :)


  2. The joy of a new skill! Hang in there mama :)

  3. LOL! My daughter somehow figured out how to whistle when she was 3! Thankfully she was easily distracted!


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